What have I done to fight evil? March 2017

In the last month I:

Made a lot of phone calls. This is just, too many to keep track of. I call members of federal and state government every week. And I send emails.
Mailed postcards to federal officials with various complaints and remarks.
Went to a local Women’s March neighborhood follow-up meeting. Met a number of folks, got on some mailing lists.
Participated in solidarity efforts with the Women’s Strike yesterday.
Kept up recurring donations.
Helped out a few GoFundMes and YouCarings.
Am reading the Twin Cities Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing report.

Trump’s cabinet is being filled. The AHCA proposal is terrible, and may get GOP resistance, it’s not clear yet. (The AARP hates it.) It specifically does not cover abortion, post-natal care, and a huge number of women’s issues. Also, it caps coverage each year, which will vastly harm people I personally know. The Trump family is violating the emoluments clause up one side and down the other. Trans protections are being removed from our schools. The CBP is advertising for new hires on white nationalist websites. Trump is accusing Obama of wiretapping him. Sessions lied under oath concerning his contact with Russia. China has said they will move against the U.S.’s new forces in Asia, though they may not mean militarily, yet. The Muslim Ban 2.0 was revealed, and this one will probably be enforced for a while before the ACLU can take it down.

As of right now, no-one I know has lost their job, home, or healthcare due to the incoming administration.



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