Take Action MN Annual Meeting

This past Saturday I went to the Take Action MN Annual Meeting.

This was Take Action MN’s eleventh year of operation. They are a progressive political coalition with some history and some staying power. They’ve got connections in local government, and they have a broadly intersectional approach to fighting oppression.

I like them.

This Saturday, six meetings were held simultaneously around the state. Members of the board attended their local meetings, and messages were recorded and played at the other locations. I went to the St. Paul meeting, held in the Paul Wellstone Community Center, on Cesar Chavez Avenue in West St. Paul.

At sign-in, we were all encouraged to include our correct pronouns on our nametags. That’s the first time I’ve seen that done outside of fandom.

I went to the Justice 4 All breakout session. I learned what Take Action MN is focusing on in criminal justice reform, and learned a bit more about the women’s prison in Shakopee.

I also met a handful of folks, 75% of whom were newly-motivated-activists. I’m seeing this again and again and again — so many older straight white people just shaking their heads and saying, “I have to DO something.”

After the breakout session we all gathered for lunch in the gymnasium, where we heard speeches from different groups. Each group seemed to be an ally or partner of Take Action MN, working together for wider reach and organization. And then Representative Keith Ellison appeared! And gave a great speech! I was so pleased.

I left before the community march, as I was not really up for marching.

Overall I found the experience a good one. I like Take Action MN. They seem to have a plan, and they seem to be working hard on transmogrifying white guilt into actual useful things for oppressed groups and communities. I expect I’ll be putting more of my time and money towards them.



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