Rec: Thunderstruck, by Erik Larsen

Larsen is the author of a certain sort of history for the popular market. He wrote Devil in the White City, a book that tells the story of the murderer H.H. Holmes set in his context of the Chicago World’s Fair. Thunderstruck is a similar story, and I really enjoyed it.

In Thunderstruck we are told the twin and seemingly-unrelated stories of the invention and rise of Marconi’s wireless telegraphy on the one hand, and a horrifying murder in London on the other. As the lives of the people involved unfold they abruptly and weirdly converge in the middle of the North Atlantic, as the officer of the law races across the ocean to find and catch a killer.

Like Larsen’s other work, I initially thought, “Really? That’s a story? Well, okay, I guess.” And then I was *hooked*. I find Larsen to be a compellingly readable author whose work and pacing drags you along into the lives of people long-dead.

If you like history, true crime, or the history of science, and you want a good tale that keeps you engaged and entertained, I recommend Thunderstruck.



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