State Fair knitting, an update

… This whole, “knitting things that I may enter in the Minnesota State Fair” project is going … fine.

It’s fine, fine, everything is fine.


See, the thing is, I, of course, keep making small errors. Or even medium errors. But if I was just knitting for myself, or friends, I would fix these errors on the fly and no-one would notice.

But because I am knitting for the State Fair, for being JUDGED, I am instead frogging everything back and starting again.

This scarf? On the second to last row, I was triple checking my stitch count and dropped six rows of lace. Had to frog the damn thing back about twelve rows and do the last third of the scarf over again.

These mittens? Got a third of the way through, realized I’d mis-read a 4-st LPC as a 4-st LC three times, ripped the mitten back to the cuff, looked at the cuff and noticed my tension was uneven, so I frogged the whole mitten.

I have learned a new-to-me term, however. “In the frog pond,” for those items one does not have the emotional or mental fortitude to face at the moment.

In the frog pond, indeed.



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