Marko Kloos, Frontlines series

Some of you, who follow these things, might know Marko Kloos from the 2016 Hugo Awards controversies. Kloos was put on a slate without his consent, and he VIGOROUSLY objected to this.

This was brought to my attention last week when a friend recommended Kloos’s books to me. “It’s standard MilSF, like all the MilSF you read twenty years ago, only now with women and gays!”

I was intrigued.

Reader, I loved this series.

It is precisely what it says on the tin. MilSF, now with women and gays. The descriptions of the different space-navy vessels is loving, and repeated in each new book, just in case you haven’t read the others. The color-coding of all the military insignia is detailed and consistent. There is no introspection on the part of any character. Some of the officers are incompetent, others are fantastic. Our largely by-the-book protagonist rises through the ranks through a combination of hard work, following the regs, and being in the wrong place at the right time.

I read all five books in eight days.

If you love MilSF, but wish that there were women and gays in the mix, to have equally glossed-over characterization but GREAT relationships with their sidearms, this is absolutely the series for you.