Odyssey Con backs harassment

Author Monica Valentinelli withdrew as Odyssey Con GoH because the convention would not address her concerns about a known sexual harasser on the concom.

File 770 has a round-up here, and, yes, the known harasser was confirmed to be Jim Frenkel. Odyssey Con not only did not address Valentinelli’s concerns, they opted to keep Frenkel as their Guest Liason.

Both K. Tempest Bradshaw and Catherine Lundoff have posts discussing how and why we harbor harassers in our communities. (Part two of Lundoff’s post is here.)

I would like to emphasize a crucial point of all this:

When a person says they have been harassed, and an organization asks for evidence before proceeding, what that organization is, in fact, saying is “your testimony is not evidence. Your experience is not valid. You are a presumed liar, your word is worthless, and how you feel is bullshit. What happened to you will never be spoken of again because you made it up. You count for less. You count for nothing. You are not as fully human as other, real, people who matter.”

The next time someone tells you they have been harassed, pause a moment before you ask them for proof. Ask yourself if you really want to take that stand.

Be better than Odyssey Con. Be better than Richard Russell and Gregory Rihn.