To my new Twitter followers!


My name is Sigrid Ellis. I am a queer white liberal poly progressive feminist cis-woman. My feminism is intersectional and trans-affirming. My progressive politics are practical, long on nuance and complexity and short of divisiveness. We stand together or we fall apart.

I am an air traffic controller, and I rarely talk about my work for reasons of national security. I am a federal employee of the U.S. government, and only tweet about politics when I am not at work.

I am a freelance and part-time editor. I am an occasional writer and an erratic blogger.

I’m married. I have kids. We homeschool. My family has a lot of pets. I knit. I read a lot, fiction and non-fiction.

I am pro-science, pro-civil rights, I firmly believe that Black Lives Matter, I have doubts about late-stage capitalism but am not really informed on the topic, I love history with a vast passion, I live-tweet trips to museums, my Instagram is mostly pictures of our pets.

I likely won’t follow you back on any social media, because omg there are a lot of you. I am not on Facebook. I love Twitter and Tumblr. I won’t argue with you on social media, I’ll just mute and block you. When I live-tweet media, I gripe about side and meta issues, not the plot.




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