A few preliminary thoughts on The Handmaid’s Tale series (no spoilers)

This is a show speaking to white people. Specifically, to white women.

As a feminist white woman from a middle-class professional background and currently occupying a comfortable middle-class professional life, I *AM* the target audience. I am thoroughly pleased with the show.

If you are from a different culture, you will Have Questions. Namely, “what happened to MY people because we sure as hell would not be putting up with this bullshit?!?!”

That is a real concern. I am pretty sure your questions are not going to be answered.

But if you *are* a middle-class cis white feminist, this is about you. About us.

It’s about how we often are shocked that Bad Things can happen to us. About how we don’t see or believe that the experiences of women of color, trans women, women in prison, women in poverty. About how we don’t network with allies until it’s too late. About how on some level we think we will come through just fine. It’s about how all that gets stripped away.

Ymmv, of course.

But what I, personally, am getting from the show is a renewal of the energy and anger I had in November. The anger that comes from a weird combination of fear over what I can lose, and fuck-it-all-let’s-do-this.

Fellow white feminists: please, please. Remember your allies. Don’t abandon people with different needs and causes than yours. Work for immigration reform. Work for judicial reform. Work for worker’s rights.

We are going to need *everyone* to stop what’s coming.



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