Vibrant investigative journalism

I am really enjoying the state of journalism these days.

I expect many of you have heard of Serial. I love the time and attention given to each season-long story. There’s room for multiple viewpoints, room for nuance.

Similarly, I was enrapt by Into the Dark, an investigation into the *investigation* of the Jacob Wetterling case.

I also enjoy Crimetown, a look at the mob town of Providence, RI.

I support Unicorn Riot, a decentralized non-hierarchical media collective. If you ever in your life wanted to be Edison Carter or Theora Jones, fighting Network 23, you want to help out Unicorn Riot. Live and direct, indeed.

I also read and support the BBC, NY Times, Washington Post, and Mother Jones. But I really notice, like, and support the podcasts and smaller journalism outlets. It seems to be a good era for independent investigative efforts.

There’s certainly a lot to investigate.