May 4 2017

My mother is visiting today. She’s in town for K’s circus show, and I’m picking her up at the airport in an hour.

The House votes on the AHCA today. If it passes, this version of the bill will strip away the ability to pay for healthcare from nearly the entire U.S. population. Except Congress. They have an exemption.

My family is going to see K’s circus show tonight. It sounds like it will be fantastic, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Trump is planning an executive order today expanding the rights of religious institutions to oppress people they don’t like. Depending on the exact language, this could be utterly catastrophic.

We think we may have found a home for our foster puppy, pending a home visit tomorrow.

Carrie Fisher is still dead. I still mourn her loss.

I got my medical clearance to work back, so I resume air traffic control duties tomorrow.

I’ve helped two crowdfunding efforts to pay for funerals in the last week.

Our pet hedgehog, Norman, let me hold him last night.

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