Vote them down

If your Congressional Representative voted for the AHCA yesterday, make them regret it the remainder of their very short political careers.

Donate right now to a slate of Democrats OPPOSING the 24 vulnerable Republicans who voted for the AHCA.

Support SwingLeft near you.

Go to the town halls, forums, and meetings near you. Chant “Shame! Shame! Shame!” Ask them the current number of constituents dead at their hands. Ask them if the Host tastes of blood and ash in their lying, thieving, murderous mouths. Tell them the names of the uninsured and dying. Bring photos.

when i die of aids

[Activist David Wojnarowicz. (Photo by Peter Hujar?)]

“If I die of AIDS – forget burial – just drop my body on the steps of the F.D.A.”

Our bodies, our lives, are political battlefields still, again, always. Women, poor people, queers, people of color, the elderly, the disabled, children.




Never let these walking sacks of carbon forget that they chose to reach over the dying in order to steal from the poor.



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