Marvel Comics has given Captain America’s shield to real-life white nationalists

This news story appeared yesterday:

Trump rally overshadowed by standoff outside Minnesota Capitol

Look at the photos. Look at the fourth photo.

There’s a man, there, carrying Captain America’s shield.

That man is one of the neo-Nazi white supremacists who attempted to get into the Minnesota State Capitol yesterday. He and his compatriots could not get in.

They were defied by regular Minnesotans, linking arms, standing their ground against hatred. The neo-Nazis were defied by the heroism of ordinary people who see evil and refuse to turn away. These regular Minnesotans understand something that Marvel Comics and Nick Spencer have completely failed to grasp. ETA: Marvel Comics and Nick Spencer are currently running a story in which Captain America is and was always meant to be a member of Hydra, the Nazi-surrogate in the Marvel Universe. When challenged on the advisability of this, Nick Spencer and Marvel have stated that the story is just a gimmick, it doesn’t really mean anything, it’s for ratings and money. They have said Captain America doesn’t matter that much. They have said it’s just fine to have heroes be Nazis. /ETA

Decent human beings do not harbor, encourage, or condone white supremacy. Decent human beings do not by their action or inaction permit evil to fester.

You brought this on yourself, Marvel. Instead of cute kids running around playing at being Avengers, a grown man carried YOUR shield, Marvel, into battle on the steps of my state capitol building yesterday.

And your shield, Marvel, stood for hatred.

May you long reap the joy and reward of your actions.