What have I done against fascism, May 2017

Well, whatever I have done is sort of overshadowed by the bullshit oozing out of the White House this week. But here goes.

– continued donations to those fighting fascism
– continued donations to those aiding those harmed by increasingly damaging federal policies.
– called, emailed, and wrote MoCs, Justice Department, state officials, city officials, and newspapers about: fighting the AHCA, investigating Trump’s obstructions of justice, calling for a special prosecutor, advocating the Gold Line public transit, pressing for affordable housing in my neighborhood, and calling for a $15/hour minimum wage for all city employees.
– got a coworker to stop making concentration camp jokes
– blogged about a few things of importance
– worked on my knitting, prepped the garden for planting, saw my daughter’s spring circus shows. And, we are fostering a puppy. These things also fight fascism!

What is going on in the world? France elected Macron, thank goodness. The House passed a revised AHCA by four votes, and now it goes to the Senate. Sally Q. Yates testified before Congress about Russian election interference and she kicked ass. Amy Klobuchar is being more vocal about opposing Trump the further he interferes with Commerce and Justice. Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, and his puppets are advocating for dropping the Russia investigation, while Trump meets Russians in the Oval Office. The Assistant A.G. is floating the idea of limiting freedom of the press. A reporter in West Virginia was arrested for asking Tom Price questions about the AHCA. A protester arrested at the Sessions hearings was found guilty of disrupting the peace. International travel is being increasingly restricted into the U.S., even for citizens.

… When I say it all like that, it sounds like the voice-over prologue of a dystopian movie.

Speaking of which, the Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale started this past month. It’s very good.