That was Wiscon!

Wiscon 41 was last weekend, and I am not sure I’m ready to move on.

The Vid Party was amazing. For the first time it was in one of the ballrooms, not on the sixth floor, and, wow, the room was STILL full.

Links to all the vids and playlists can be found here.

Kelly Sue and Amal’s Guest of Honor speeches were fantastic. Inspiring, angry, hopeful, exactly what I needed to hear now.

Wiscon still has room for improvement in areas of social justice, but this year was certainly better than five years ago. I think it helps that a number of people No Longer Feel Welcome at Wiscon and have decided to go to OddCon instead. Which, is sad for people who liked OddCon, but good for Wiscon.

I *did* see one white woman complaining about how HURTFUL one of the panels was, and how ANGRY the panelists were, but, she was complaining on her personal Facebook page and, really, that’s her right to do so, so I’m not calling her out. I was reminded as a result, though, of the fact that Neil Rest 1) exists and 2) wasn’t at Wiscon this year! He apparently No Longer Feels Welcome, and THANK GOODNESS. Neil Rest being the guy I saw corner two women in an elevator at Wiscon, demanding they explain why they didn’t want to talk to him. Also, I saw him once touch a friend on mine on the shoulder, and when she said don’t touch me, he said, why don’t *I* get to touch you?

Neil Rest, Ignoring Women’s Boundaries As Long As I’ve Known Him. Godspeed, sir, and may your journey through life bring you peace.

(A note on Not Feeling Welcome at Wiscon: If you no longer feel welcome at Wiscon because people criticize you and tell you you are saying and doing bigoted things, perhaps you should examine that in your heart. Listen. Read up on the topic. Challenge your views. Think on it a while. Perhaps, apologize. Perhaps grow as a person. Or, you know, clutch your bigotry to your chest and flounce away on a cloud of hurt privilege and drama. That’s a choice you can make, sure, why not.)

I did not get to talk to everyone I wanted to talk to, but that’s always the case. I did not see all the panels I wanted to see, but I found this little-known programming track called “Napping,” right? And I attended it every day of the con.

All is well, or, at least, working to improve. Thank you, Wiscon, for another great year.