Well, that was a week

Let’s see.

1. I have a sleep apnea diagnosis! Whee! Many people have come forth to say consoling remarks, and I thank you all. I don’t think it will be *that* big of a deal *for me*, because with earplugs in, I can sleep through most things. I get my CPAP on Monday!

2. FAA regulations require that I use my CPAP for thirty days before I am allowed to go back to work. So, I will be doing training and adminstrative work on a Monday-Friday schedule for the next four weeks. I really don’t like working that schedule, though I don’t mind training at all. In fact, I rather enjoy training.

3. I still don’t know what days I will be at CONvergence! I *was* going to be there Thursday and Friday, and work Saturday and Sunday, but now that might be reversed? Or maybe I will get the whole convention off? It remains to be seen.

4. The U.K. election! That was a thing! Congratulations to the youth of the U.K., who came out to vote in record numbers, and probably saved themselves from a Tory majority. \o/

5. The Comey testimony!!! It is genuinely heartening to me to hear a man I do not, in the main, think much of come forth SO SOLIDLY and validate my worldview.

6. Now we fight for the ACA. https://5calls.org/ Call your MoCs. Write. Fax. Whatever.

7. Heeyyyyyyy, the White House Social Media Coordinator got busted for a Hatch Act violation! I AM WRITING THIS WHILE AT HOME, AS A PRIVATE CITIZEN.

8. I have, since the workshop at Wiscon, become interested in handspinning. I … I just ordered some roving. Some *more* roving.

My yarn still all looks like art yarn.

I expect I will improve.



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