June 30 2017

Halfway through the year.

Yesterday I:

Did three loads of dishes
Washed and blocked a knit hat
Cleaned the worst sins out of the fridge
Had a really nice dinner with J and M
Knit some more on a pair of slippers
Wrote and called various members of congress, state, and local government about healthcare and the forthcoming “electoral integrity” voter suppression policies
Schlepped M home from his LARP
Supervised K doing her chores and school and cleaning
Did some room cleaning with M
Made a doctor’s appointment
Watched an episode of Pottery Throwdown

A lot of what I do when I am home is be the external executive function for people who would rather use their own executive function for something more rewarding, like watching The 100 or playing Warframe. (To use examples not-at-all at random.) So I have to, like a lot of parents, I expect, remember what *I* was supposed to be doing with my day *and also* what two other people are doing with their day.

I mean, sure, I could leave them to succeed or fail on their own, and sometimes that is exactly what happens. But K not doing her chores affects the welfare of the household, and I *want* both of my children to do decently at school work even thought right now they are not motivated by that goal. So I make lists, and I check that work is done, and I remind, and somewhere in all of that I just absolutely forget everything I meant to do in a day.

This is why I make lists.

Ah, well. More of the same tomorrow.



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