The to-do lists of high summer

I’ve been watching the tv series, Edwardian Farm, for inspiration. And by “inspiration” I mean “be grateful for how easy your life is, oh my god, can you even imagine doing all the work of eras past, holy buckets.”

During the height of summer we do a lot of catch-up work. Cleaning — and I mean, ACTUALLY CLEANING — the kids’ rooms. Cleaning the garage, again. Cleaning the basement, again. I like to clean and re-organize my closet, and my crafting things.

We fight back the yard. We have a nearly-entirely-native yard and landscape. In the fall we take in bags of fallen leaves from all our neighbors, and mulch everything about a foot deep in leaves. This means that spring looks very … very *brown*, in our yard. but than all the native shrubs and bushes and creepers suddenly BAM appear, and the yard is this dense, lush wall of green with a rustling, alive underlayer.

A shrew ran across my foot, the other day.

The light pours in all the windows, yet our house is under a massive oak tree, so the temperature is always five degrees cooler than just out in the street. It’s all yellow and green and dappled everywhere we look.

I should go water the garden, I suppose.

It’s beautiful.