Hello, internets!

We got PET QUAIL last week!


They are Coturnix japonica, a small quail native to northeastern Asia (Korea, Japan, Russia) and are thus winter-hardy in Minnesota.

The pen is right outside my office window. J and M made it with help from a friend two weekends ago. It is a wooden frame covered in hardware cloth, to prevent predation, with a small hutch and lots of brush to run through.

We will eat the eggs, but not eat the quail. They are pets.

We have six female quail. They are:

Mumfrey, Hyancinth, and Reaper Quail

Mumfrey, with the white blaze, Hyacinth, the reddish one, and Bellamy, the speckled one;

Altani and Octavia Quail first day home

Altani, the light gold, and Octavia, the white one, and;

Reaper Quail First day home


Mumfrey and Hyacinth are the quail from the Hamster Princess book series, Bellamy and Octavia are named after the characters in the The 100, Altani is a daughter of Genghis Khan, and Reaper is a character from Overwatch.

The quail eat seeds, bugs, and many kitchen scraps. They MUST have eggshells, to provide the calcium they need to continue laying eggs. In very cold weather we will heat their water bowl, or put a tarp over the pen. I can hear them, ruffling around, outside my window! In a week or so they should have settled in and will begin laying.