Blogs are not it anymore, have a newsletter

For a while, everything was LiveJournal. Then everything was blogs. Now everything is Twitter and, for things too long for Twitter, email newsletters.

I *love* email newsletters.

I started one a while back through MailChimp, but ended up not using it.

So here’s a second try:

I’m going to be launching a newsletter next Sunday, September 10th. You can sign up at the link above.

What will be in this letter?

Things too long for Twitter. Rants. Arguments. Book reviews. Thoughts on tv shows. Discussions of charitable giving. Ruminations on parenting and homeschooling. Some talk of air traffic control.

Everything you see on Twitter, in other words, but in slightly longer form.

There will be pictures of the household pets.

I promise you, the newsletter will have profanity, will be irregular in timing, and will be *incredibly* sincere, because that’s how my writing goes. Snarky, pedantic, and jaw-droppingly earnest.

See you all there —



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