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    Sigrid Ellis is co-editor of the Hugo-nominated Queers Dig Time Lords and Chicks Dig Comics anthologies. She edits the best-selling Pretty Deadly from Image Comics. She is the flash-fiction editor of Queers Destroy Science Fiction, from Lightspeed Press. She edited the Hugo-nominated Apex Magazine for 2014. She lives with her partner, their two homeschooled children, her partner’s boyfriend, and a host of vertebrate and invertebrate pets in Saint Paul, MN.
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I’m Sigrid Ellis. I am co-editor of the Hugo-nominated Queers Dig Time Lords and Chicks Dig Comics anthologies. I was editor-in-chief of Apex Magazine for 2014. I am editor of the best-selling Pretty Deadly from Image Comics. I’m an air traffic controller, a geek, a parent, a homeschooler, a lesbian, and an American liberal.  I’m polyamorous, partnered, and dating.  My family is multi-ethnic and adopted. I spend most of my free time thinking about comics, tv, movies, and culture.

More about my family.

I can be reached at sigridellis@(deletethispart)gmail.com.


5 Responses

  1. Hey Sigrid–

    Been meaning to ask you this for a while. Molly and I want to make a photo collage from this past MayDay parade for the nursery, but I didn’t get any good pix of the River puppet without trees & other obstructions. Wondering if you’d be willing to share a high-res JPEG of your photo of the “neighborhood” (with the River & a couple of other puppets) with me. If so, you could just send it to my gmail account.

    thanks, hope you’re well–


  2. Hey Sigrid,

    Just found you via the Wiscon Chronicles Vol. 3. Loved your bio line:

    Sigrid Ellis is an air traffic controller. As such, she is, in fact, from the government, and is here to help.

    Going to add you to my blog roll just for that line.

  3. @Sue Lange :grins: Happy to entertain!

  4. Hello Sigrid!

    My name is Dan Black. I discovered you’re blog via WhiteChapel and enjoy it quite a bit. Oddly enough, I graduated from Minneapolis Community & Technical College last August for ATC. We actually visited Minneapolis Center. Sat down and listened into live traffic, toured and whatnot. I didn’t get a job last announcement, no one really did, and now I have to wait until March. I put down MN as my first pick, then IL. The referral list I got on was for Illinois. I think I’m giving up on Minneapolis Center…

    Anyways, nice to meet your awesome blog. Here’s my email so we can be in touch: blackdan27@gmail.com

    Dan Black

  5. I just wanted to say that I read your essay in Whedonistas and LOVED it. It really resonated with me for its honesty, analysis, and structure. I actually had to put it down and do some self-reflection for a few days (which is rare, in my experience with Mad Norwegian Press books). Thank you for your submission in that collection, and I hope to read more of your essays in the future!

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