My family

As of this writing, I’m partnered with a woman who will be known here as Tern. She and I own a house together in Saint Paul, MN, and are the parents for two great kids, M and K. Tern is also dating a man, known here as Cavorter, who lives with us. This sort of arrangement is what I mean by saying we’re polyamorous — not monogamous. It’s working out well for us all.

The kids, M and K, are both adopted. K is adopted from Guatemala. She’s an extrovert, reasonably athletic, and loves taking classes in everything. M is adopted locally in an open adoption. We’re on good terms with his birth parents. M is verbal and geeky and loving and is intensely interested in engineering and science — especially the parts that explode.

Cavorter works with computers, Tern teaches ethics at a local college, and we’re all big geeks.

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  1. I once named a character Tern. She was the long-lost love of one of the MCs.

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