Cool Kids review.

Over at Alert Nerd, Sarah Kuhn gave Cool Kids a really nice review. She says:

“All of this is to say that I think Sigrid Ellis’ and Sean Lynch’s lovely black and white mini-comic, Cool Kids, gets the college experience exactly right and tells these perfect little stories in the space of a few pages. The dialogue is spare, the interplay between the four friends is fun and authentic, and issue #3 has a fantastic sequence revolving around a Louise Brooksian bob.”

(I like issue #3 the best, personally.)

Thank you, Sarah, for the kind words!

As always, Cool Kids can be ordered here.

Cool Kids #4!

The last issue of my first comic series, Cool Kids, is available for sale today. Buy it here!

Cool Kids #3!

Cool Kids #3 is available for sale today!

Cool Kids #3 continues as an eight-page black-and-white comic, detailing the college moments of Jen and her friends. With art by Sean Lynch, this is my favorite issue so far. I gave Sean a complicated request, involving the escalator’s at Marshal Field’s, and he delivered beyond my expectations.

Come check out my recently renovated website at Slightly Obsessed Studio, and buy Cool Kids #3 today!

Cool Kids #2!

After a steep learning curve and some production delays, Cool Kids #2 is finally available! In addition, Cool Kids #1 is newly available with a fresh cover from Sean Lynch. (Keep your eyes and ears open for Mr. Lynch’s name; he’s got comics, game, and other graphic arts projects in the works.)

In addition, the Slightly Obsessed Studio website has been revamped, with a new checkout feature that makes buying comics much, much easier.

Click here to buy!

Slightly Obsessed Update

I can see things coming together for Slightly Obsessed Studio. In other words, my third job, the one as a writer. (As opposed to the first job, homeschooling parent, and second job, air traffic controller.)

The learning curve on all this is steep. But the positive news this week has me burbling and telling everyone I know that I am doing good, really good, despite day six of what I am now reasonably certain is the flu, not allergies or a cold. Positive things this week include:

Hiring KC Solano to do the art for Ixtab. Ixtab being the story that got honorable mention in the iFanboy contest. Ixtab should be out later this summer.

Hiring Carlos Martins to do art for Fall. Fall will likely be in production by the end of August.

Finalizing deadlines with Sean Lynch for the rest of Cool Kids. Cool Kids has been delayed due to Sean’s well-deserved good fortune as a graphic artist. He’ll be at MoCCA Festival 2009 tomorrow and Sunday. Cool Kids #2 should be in production by the beginning of July.

As a consequence of the delay, Sean is providing illustration for as as-yet-unnamed short comic of mine. Production to be announced.

Popcap Games, makers of the game Plants vs. Zombies, has given me permission to produce a fancomic based on that game. I’m in discussion with an artist about whom I’m pretty excited. Popcap Games has offered to — if they like the comic upon completion — assist in some publicity and marketing. While this is not a sure thing yet, and in fact the comic is not finished yet, and it’s way too early to be excited — I am still excited.

Met with my website designer. She’s going to replace the clunky, not useful thing I cobbled together myself. Thank goodness. In addition, we have plans for her to add webcomic functionality in the late fall/early winter of this year.

In the process of contracting with a graphic designer for a logo for Slightly Obsessed Studio.

Yup. This is going to be a pretty good year.

Cool Kids #1

I have in my possession Cool Kids #1. It’s the first issue of the four-issue series of minicomics, written by myself with art by Sean Lynch.

Cool Kids is the story of four friends in college and their quest to feel cool despite themselves. Issue one, “Lit,” is an eight-page half-size comic, black and white, with cover and lettering also by Sean Lynch. Cool Kids is published by Slightly Obsessed Studio. Ordering information is found