Star Wars, the new trailer, and joy


That is the new trailer for Star Wars.

I haven’t felt really excited about Star Wars since I saw Return of the Jedi in the movie theater as a kid.

This, this trailer filled me with joy.

Hope, and expectation, and joy.

I hope you watch it and feel the same.

Oh, and the next time you hear some misguided person claim that “science fiction these days is all about women and people of color and there’s no joy and excitement in science fiction anymore,” make them watch this trailer.

That’s women, people of color, excitement, joy, and the sci-fi-iest of all sci-fucking-fi, right there.


Are YOU going to Sasquan?

As of right now, the only reason I would attend Sasquan — Worldcon this year — is to see friends and socialize. I have an attending membership, I have a hotel reservation …

… but I have little interest in going to the actual con.

So, why should I go? Are you going? Do you want to grab coffee or dinner, or go to a museum or something? Are you on a panel that I REALLY want to attend? Are you throwing the best party ever (and will I be able to find it or will it be a secret?)

Who’s going to Sasquan?

I’m actually closing comments on this one. EMAIL ME, PLEASE, if you have Sasquan plans or proposals you want to share.

I’d love to hear from you —


Dinomighty Mighty Safe Condom Case Kickstarter

You may have heard of the Dinomighty wallet? Or seen one? Dinomighty makes wallets and other items out of custom-decorated Tyvek. It is, in fact, pretty awesome. There are a number of pre-made designs, or you can send them your images for a custom wallet or tablet case.

Pretty neat, right?

What’s neater is that Dinomighty is running a Kickstarter to fund a new product, the mighty safe condom case — to keep your condoms undamaged and always at hand.

It’s a great company, good products, and an excellent cause. See if you can throw them a couple of bucks, hm?


NetFlix’s Daredevil

The first episode left me completely uninterested. Did Not Enjoy. But, the advantage of spoilers is, I’d already heard some things about episodes 2 and 3 that led me to continue. I’m glad I did.

See, the things I ended up liking are mostly things that now are canon in the MCU. Characters that exist now, gloriously, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No take-backs. These characters are set in ways that I really enjoy. (Mostly. Some [spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler], but we’ll see what happens with the other tv series, I suppose.)

The other thing I liked is how brutal the show was. Not GrimDark, not the parts about kidnapped women and children and abused people and violence to the helpless. In fact, those are the reasons I almost stopped after episode 1. But I appreciated the fact that Matt Murdock always, in every fight scene, looks like this is punishingly hard for him. He sweats, shakes, and pants. His chest heaves with exertion and adrenalin. He staggers, falling sideways into things. He struggles to rise and continue. I enjoy watching MMA fighting from time to time, and one of the things that becomes very quickly clear is that fighting is exhausting. Just, hideously difficult to do for more than a minute. I appreciate that Daredevil keeps this in mind.

There is some fridging. Some things that come from the canon that the makers of the show elected to keep in. There are also some ridiculous things from the canon that I have always rolled my eyes at, that I expect huge Daredevil fans will love.

I really liked this [SPOILERY] essay, Daredevil and the Real City in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The essay is critical, more critical than I ended up feeling about the show. But it raises some interesting questions about the setting of Daredevil and where and how it relates to the MCU.



Broadening the community and conversation

This weekend Mary Robinette Kowal invited people to converse with her about being fans of science fiction and fantasy. To discuss what this means to us.

She offered to pay for Supporting Memberships to Worldcon for those who wanted to participate but could not afford to do so. No strings attached — vote however you want in the Hugos.

A number of other folks pitched in to buy memberships for people.

Go, check it out.

This is what fandom looks like. All of our varied, cat-herding, joyous, misanthropic, insular, welcoming, pedantic, incoherent glory.

Good for you, fandom.

And thank you, Mary.


The Best Thing, by Seanan McGuire and Erica Henderson

In case you missed it, Thrillbent Comics has a new weekly feature, The Best Thing.

“In this evocative twist on the magical girls genre, an unlikely group of five teenage girls gain mysterious superpowers and are suddenly faced with the question of how to use their newfound abilities—do they become the kind of superheroes that society adores, or do they embrace their inner demons and lash out at those that have wronged them?”

It is by SEANAN MCGUIRE, y’all. Written by Seanan, art by Erica Henderson and Rob Schwager, lettering by Troy Peteri.

It is great so far, and I highly recommend it.


April 7 2015

1. Y’all are going to LOVE Queers Destroy Science Fiction. I spent yesterday working on the ToC, and …. and it is fantastic.

2. It’s time to renew my federal security clearance. This always looks both like security theater and …. and like it would be kinda hard to fake. I mean, you could write down whatever you wanted, sure. But they CHECK. Very serious people come asking to make sure you haven’t lied.

3. My kids dyed eggs this weekend, including an adorable Snorelax just for me!

…. and then they wanted me to EAT it. A Snorelax.



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