Monday’s child is kind of sleepy, actually

1. Yep. Giving up on A Game of Thrones, either the show or the book. I recognize that the books aren’t bad, and the show looks fairly decent, but it’s not quite my thing and Time is Finite.

2. Congratulations to Lynne M. Thomas and Tara O’Shea for the Hugo nomination of Chicks Dig Time Lords!

3. This week’s briefing at work is on professionalism. We at Minneapolis Center do pretty well on that front, so the briefing was more of a “please keep doing what you are doing.” Also, don’t go sleep in your car after clocking out of a mid shift, before you drive home, because it would look awful on the evening news no matter what the truth of the situation might be. If you sign out and really need a quick nap before driving, sleep on a couch.

4. The kids apparently had a lovely Easter. I missed it, being at work, but there are new Pokemon sort of EVERYWHERE in my house.

5. I heard an interview with DJ Rekha on NPR’s Culturetopia podcast. I promptly went and downloaded the Basement Bhangra album.