Chicks Dig Comics available for pre-order!

As followers of this blog may know, I am co-editor of the forthcoming anthology Chicks Dig Comics, from Mad Norwegian Press. A few things of note have occurred in the last month of this project.

First, my co-editor Lynne M. Thomas won the Hugo Award for Best Related Work for her anthology Chicks Dig Time Lords, co-edited with co-Hugo-winner Tara O’Shea. So I am working with a Hugo Award winner, a fact which I find wonderful; Lynne absolutely deserves the win.

Second, Chicks Dig Comics is AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER. I may have emailed my mother the link, and I may have said “DO YOU SEE MY NAME ON THE COVER MOM.” Just possibly.

I’ll quote the solicit text here —

“In Chicks Dig Comics, editors Lynne M. Thomas (Hugo-Award-winning Chicks Dig Time Lords) and Sigrid Ellis bring together essays by award-winning writers and artists who celebrate the comics medium and its creators, and who examine the characters and series that they love. Gail Simone (Birds of Prey) and Carla Speed McNeil (Finder) describe how they entered the comics industry. Colleen Doran (A Distant Soil) reveals her superhero crush, while Jill Thompson (Scary Godmother) confesses to being a comics junkie. Jen Van Meter (Hopeless Savages) sings the praises of 1970s horror comics, and Seanan McGuire (the October Daye series) takes sides in the Jean Grey vs. Emma Frost battle. Other contributors include Marjorie Liu (Dark Wolverine), Rachel Edidin (Dark Horse Comics), Jill Pantozzi (Newsarama), Kelly Thompson (Comic Book Resources), and SF/F authors Sara Ryan, Delia Sherman, Sarah Monette, and Elizabeth Bear. Also featured: an introduction by Mark Waid (Kingdom Come) and exclusive interviews with Amanda Conner (Power Girl), Louise Simonson (Power Pack), Greg Rucka (Queen & Country), and Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise).”

That, friends and neighbors, is a partial roster, a glimpse, of the people who have contributed essays to Chicks Dig Comics. I am very enthusiastic about this book, and am excited at the prospect of you all eventually reading it.

Speaking of you reading it, I’d be very happy if you’d go and pre-order the book now. Some online retailers under-ordered Whedonistas and Chicks Dig Time Lords, not properly estimating the enthusiasm people have for Mad Norwegian’s Geek Girl series. Pre-order and let Amazon know that not only do chicks dig comics, they buy books discussing the subject, too.

Monday’s child is kind of sleepy, actually

1. Yep. Giving up on A Game of Thrones, either the show or the book. I recognize that the books aren’t bad, and the show looks fairly decent, but it’s not quite my thing and Time is Finite.

2. Congratulations to Lynne M. Thomas and Tara O’Shea for the Hugo nomination of Chicks Dig Time Lords!

3. This week’s briefing at work is on professionalism. We at Minneapolis Center do pretty well on that front, so the briefing was more of a “please keep doing what you are doing.” Also, don’t go sleep in your car after clocking out of a mid shift, before you drive home, because it would look awful on the evening news no matter what the truth of the situation might be. If you sign out and really need a quick nap before driving, sleep on a couch.

4. The kids apparently had a lovely Easter. I missed it, being at work, but there are new Pokemon sort of EVERYWHERE in my house.

5. I heard an interview with DJ Rekha on NPR’s Culturetopia podcast. I promptly went and downloaded the Basement Bhangra album.


You may have heard that Mad Norwegian Press, publishers of Chicks Dig Time Lords, have a similar book in the works concerning the ouvre of Joss Whedon. What you may not know is that I have an essay in the forthcoming Whedonistas.

Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon By The Women Who Love Them, edited by Lynne M. Thomas and Deborah Stanish, goes on sale March 15th. It will debut before then, February 18-21, at the GallifreyOne convention in Los Angeles. You can preorder your copies at, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, and Mysterious Galaxy.

The Table of Contents looks amazing. Emma Bull talking about Malcolm Reynolds. Interviews with Jane Espenson and Juliet Landau. Cat Valente, Elizabeth Bear, Seanan McGuire, and a host of others talking about their love of Whedon’s work.

My essay is “The Ages of Dollhouse: Autobiography through Whedon”, and is a look at how I relate to almost all the characters in the controversial television show. Or, would have related to them, at different times in my life.

Go, check out Mad Norwegian’s website, read up on this and Chicks Dig Time Lords. If you like thoughtful, intelligent, loving-yet-critical discussion of the fannish things we love, order your copies today!

Chicks Dig Time Lords

It’s time for you to get your copy of Chicks Dig Time Lords! Published by Mad Norwegian Press and available at a ton of places, as compiled by editor Lynne M. Thomas, Chicks Dig Time Lords is, so far, a great read.

I’m not done with it yet. I think I have an excuse, as I opened the package at 4:25 this morning, and it’s now 6:19 a.m. Less than two hours, during which time I drove to work, and I’ve still managed to read the first three essays. That alone is worth the price of admission.

See, here’s the thing — what is it that I am always asking for in my fandoms? The thing I want from fiction, from movies, from fic and from cons? Diversity. I don’t want the One True Perfect Representation of [insert group here], I want a thousand imperfect representations. I don’t want one woman to speak for all women in Doctor Who fandom; I want this. This book collecting the essays and experiences of women from all over the fandom, creators, actors, cartoonists, and fans of every stripe. All of them speaking to and describing their own small piece of being a Doctor Who fan.

What is generated out of such a book is the idea that you, Gentle Reader, are not alone. And that, moreover, however you are participating, however you are expressing your fannish love, you are doing it right. Because there is no gold standard, there is no bar to cross. Because the fandom is wide enough to include everyone’s views and opinions. Whatever anyone else tells you.

The subtitle of Chicks Dig Time Lords is “A celebration of Doctor Who by the Women who love it.” Surely that is a banner under which many of us could stand.