Cool Kids review.

Over at Alert Nerd, Sarah Kuhn gave Cool Kids a really nice review. She says:

“All of this is to say that I think Sigrid Ellis’ and Sean Lynch’s lovely black and white mini-comic, Cool Kids, gets the college experience exactly right and tells these perfect little stories in the space of a few pages. The dialogue is spare, the interplay between the four friends is fun and authentic, and issue #3 has a fantastic sequence revolving around a Louise Brooksian bob.”

(I like issue #3 the best, personally.)

Thank you, Sarah, for the kind words!

As always, Cool Kids can be ordered here.

Cool Kids #4!

The last issue of my first comic series, Cool Kids, is available for sale today. Buy it here!

Cool Kids #3!

Cool Kids #3 is available for sale today!

Cool Kids #3 continues as an eight-page black-and-white comic, detailing the college moments of Jen and her friends. With art by Sean Lynch, this is my favorite issue so far. I gave Sean a complicated request, involving the escalator’s at Marshal Field’s, and he delivered beyond my expectations.

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Cool Kids #2!

After a steep learning curve and some production delays, Cool Kids #2 is finally available! In addition, Cool Kids #1 is newly available with a fresh cover from Sean Lynch. (Keep your eyes and ears open for Mr. Lynch’s name; he’s got comics, game, and other graphic arts projects in the works.)

In addition, the Slightly Obsessed Studio website has been revamped, with a new checkout feature that makes buying comics much, much easier.

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