Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon by the Women Who Love Them is available today! Order it from the publisher, Mad Norwegian Press, at the link above. Or you can order it from Amazon. I was going to add Barnes & Noble, but they are sold out.

And the Amazon site? Says there are only seven copies left for sale.

Mom, did you pre-order your copy? Just checking!

Whedonistas review!

Lisa Fary at Pink Raygun reviewed Whedonistas quite favorably, with some especially flattering remarks about my essay, “The Ages of Dollhouse: Autobiography Through Whedon.” Thank you, Ms. Fary, for the kind words.

Whedonistas debuted at the Gallifrey One convention last week, and goes on sale March 15th. It is available for pre-order through Amazon, through Mad Norwegian Press, and through Barnes & Noble.


You may have heard that Mad Norwegian Press, publishers of Chicks Dig Time Lords, have a similar book in the works concerning the ouvre of Joss Whedon. What you may not know is that I have an essay in the forthcoming Whedonistas.

Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon By The Women Who Love Them, edited by Lynne M. Thomas and Deborah Stanish, goes on sale March 15th. It will debut before then, February 18-21, at the GallifreyOne convention in Los Angeles. You can preorder your copies at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, and Mysterious Galaxy.

The Table of Contents looks amazing. Emma Bull talking about Malcolm Reynolds. Interviews with Jane Espenson and Juliet Landau. Cat Valente, Elizabeth Bear, Seanan McGuire, and a host of others talking about their love of Whedon’s work.

My essay is “The Ages of Dollhouse: Autobiography through Whedon”, and is a look at how I relate to almost all the characters in the controversial television show. Or, would have related to them, at different times in my life.

Go, check out Mad Norwegian’s website, read up on this and Chicks Dig Time Lords. If you like thoughtful, intelligent, loving-yet-critical discussion of the fannish things we love, order your copies today!