Wolverine Origins

… Was the movie Wolverine Origins supposed to work with the rest of the X-Men movies?

X-Men First Class takes place in the 1960s. During The Bay of Pigs fiasco. In that film, Xavier is young and has all of his hair. Emma Frost is in that film. She is also quite young – early 20s, perhaps.

In X-Men and X-Men 2, Scott Summers is in his late 20s or early 30s. That movie is set around the year 2000, more-or-less-ish.

William Stryker is in X-Men 2, at an age of approximately 55-65.

So, Emma Frost and Scott Summers have an age difference of between twenty and thirty years, more-or-less-ish.

Mystique, Sabretooth, and Wolverine don’t age for Plot-Related Reasons Which Are Consistent If Not Exactly Reasonable. Xavier and Magneto age consistently between First Class and the original X-Men movie.

Stryker appears in Origins as a man of about forty or so. Emma appears as a teenager. Scott appears as a teenager. Xavier appears to be about 45-55 years old.

So Wolverine Origins take place in one of the following time frames:

1950-1960, based on Emma’s age
1990 or so, based on Xavier
1985-1990, based on Scott
1980 or so, based on Stryker
or 2010 based on the clothes, weapons, aircraft, guns, phones, and all other real-world-plausible technology.
Moreover, Origins postulates that Scott and Emma are the same age, and that this film takes place BEFORE The Bay of Pigs.

Even by the loose, broadly forgiving standards of continuity to which I hold my beloved X-Men comics, this is terribly inconsistent.


Ongoing canon is what it is

Being a fan of the X-Men has prepared me for so many fannish experiences.

I was pondering this while watching the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time. Someone on Tumblr noted that, based only on this episode, you would never know that Ruby and Belle were really close friends. Yet we had two episodes devoted to that subject.

The thing is, with a complicated and ongoing canon, you can’t make everything fit all of the time. Some episodes focus more on one character rather than another. Or on one plot instead of another. That’s just the way it is, and you can go crazy trying to fit everything together in a reasonable and consistent manner.

I know this lesson from reading the X-Men and related comics for over twenty years. Most recently the comics had a complicated plot about who was hosting the Phoenix. And, repeatedly, characters said that only Jean Grey was ever able to host the Phoenix for any length of time — and even that killed her. I read all of these declarations while mentally shouting, “WHAT ABOUT RACHEL.”

But, this wasn’t Rachel’s story. And in what was a pretty rip-roaring, damn good story, there wasn’t room for every character and every loose end and plot thread from twenty years of canon. I know this, I understand this, and it doesn’t really affect my enjoyment of the story. I can let it go.

Similarly, I can let the loose ends and character inconsistencies on Once Upon a Time go. The show is what it is, and it’s trying to incorporate not only two seasons of show-specific canon, but fifty years of Disney films and eight hundred years of Western literary tradition. Some episodes are going to further one plot or character at the expense of another. That’s okay with me. I can watch for the characters and moments I favor.


Things I Like: Daniel Govar’s “X-Men Days of Future Past”

Daniel Govar’s X-Men Days of Future Past


The “Days of Future Past” storyline, AU, world, plot, or whatever it happens to be is a part of X-Men comics that I … don’t always like. I like the fact that it gave us Rachel, I like the very first, original, story. I like some of the repercussions since then. But there’s a lot of crazy wacky later additions I tend to ignore.

That’s okay. I’m an X-Men fan. We are used to this sort of mental shenanigans.

But Daniel Govar’s illustration, above, is like my dream of DFP. Kitty is adult, clearly in charge, leading the tattered remnants of the X-Men. Alex and Lorna are the heavy hitters, along with Lockheed. Pete and Logan are the brawlers. Ororo is part of the team. Illyana is … creepy, which I love.

But what I love, what I love most about this illustration, is who is looking at whom and what Sekrit Messages this sends the fanon in my head.

I particularly love that this is framed by Rachel the Hound’s gaze. We’re looking over her shoulder. We see what she sees. Kitty is staring at her, daring her to do something. I imagine the next moment after this picture and I like what I see. I like how the story after this moment plays out in my head.

Thank you, Mr. Govar. I really like your art.


July 2 2012

1. A few weeks ago, one of my coworkers played a joke on another one. Coworker A crept into the far back seat of Coworker B’s extended-cab pickup truck, at night, wearing dark clothes and a hoodie. B got off of his shift, got into his truck, and started driving towards the gate. A sat up, thinking B would notice. B did not notice. A moved around, trying to get B’s attention. B did not notice. A finally said, “stop the damn truck!” B screamed the sort of scream reserved for horror films. B stopped the truck. Walked to the door. Let A out without a word. A got out, laughing hysterically. B got back into the truck and drove away.

A few points:

These are my coworkers.
Everyone agrees this was a great joke.
Everyone agrees that A is lucky B didn’t hit the gas in a panic and ram the fence, gate, or guard shack.
This is why I lock my car and leave the windows rolled up even in the security-patrolled parking lot.

2. My elbow tendonitis is … maybe improving? When the PT asked me if it’s getting better, I shrugged. Sure, it’s been hurting less the last few days, but that has happened before. I’ve had whole months free of pain. What I want is, I want the actual tendonitis to go away. I want six months of no pain or discomfort. A week? that’s nothing. That’s trivial.

To this end I am doing my exercises and stretching as directed every day.

3. I watched the 1980s dance-movie Girls Just Want to Have Fun yesterday, on the recommendation of my friend Caroline. (I love having friends who know my tastes so specifically!) I can’t say this is a great film. It is, however, a film that knows exactly what it is and what it means to do, and it sets out to accomplish those goals with a good will and a whole heart.

Points of interest to possibly no-one but me:

Helen Hunt plays the quirky best friend. I’m not sure what direction she was given, but the part comes across as a bit lesbian-esque in the subtext. While 1980s movies and tv definitely had a place for the quirky, alternative, punky, dare-devil, vaguely tomboyish best friend (or even lead!), Hunt keep giving Sarah Jessica Parker’s character these looks which are more Mary Stuart Masterson than anything else.

The dancers they got to do the dancing are quite good, and fun to watch. The cuts when the film moves from the double to the actor are very, very obvious. The spontaneous mass dance numbers are hilariously placed, but lots of fun.

The costuming. Oh dear sweet crickets, the costuming. I think I’ve seen most of these outfits in the pages of Marvel Comics from the 1980s. There is a hairband I swear Skids wears in X-Factor, um, #7 or #8? Whatever her second issue appearance is. And every one of Hunt’s outfits could have been worn by Boom-Boom. And there is a scene with “punks” crashing a party, and I think Storm fought those punks in an alley in San Francisco in Uncanny X-Men #206.

I love these outfits and costumes. Love them. Un-ironically. Without sarcasm. I just love them. But if you want to see what Marvel Comics superhero streetwear from the 1980s actually looked like on real human beings, go watch Girls Just Want to Have Fun. It’s on Netflix Watch Instantly, if that helps.

4. My daughter decided to paint a bookshelf in the basement, and blame it on her giant stuffed Pikachu. This is the sort of decision-making I would have engaged in as a child, teenager, and even young adult. Will painting the bookshelf negatively impact its utility? No. Am I allowed to use paints? Yes. Will this be fun? Yes. Can I clean up any mess? Yes. Okay, then, let’s paint!

As a kid I would not have taken into account the fact that the bookshelf was not mine, or that there may be other metrics of determining “damage” besides can I still put books on it. I would have assessed the situation using my very best judgment and proceeded.

Now, K has been told to not paint on anything besides paper without getting permission first, which makes her situation slightly different. But I did sympathize. (Her allowance is still being docked for the damages, of course. Sympathy with her position doesn’t excuse it.) And, more importantly, when asked about the situation she confessed all, explaining that she was merely pretending that Pikachu did it, she was not seriously attempting to lay blame for the incident on the stuffed animal. So that’s all good.

Still, I remember dismantling the garage door opener without asking anyone first. In my defense, it was already nonoperational when my brother and I took it apart. And we put it back together without anyone noticing. But I’m pretty sure it was merely in need of a battery when we started, and it was far more broken when we finished. But it never occurred to me as a child that there was any problem with my actions.

5. Work has been a sack of cats for the last couple of weeks. Since I suspect many of you spend some time as passengers on planes, I won’t go into details.

Sack. Of. Cats.


January 13 2012

1. Last night I got home from circus, put the kids to bed, made a snack, watched my gaming group play Dominion, and then … cooked lunches for the week.

I did not have a plan. I did not have a recipe. I chopped the garlic and the onions, put them in the pan, then opened the refrigerator and figured out what I needed to use before it went bad. Fifteen minutes later I was putting cumin-chili-lemon tofu with rainbow vegetables into the fridge.

I think I can no longer say I don’t cook.

2. I am still very very happy about this cover for X-Men Legacy #260.1, from this week.

Rachel. Raaaaaaaaaachel. That is totally my girl there. In the red. With the face tattoos and the leather and yep. My girl, there.

3. My convention schedule for the coming year is solidifying. I will be at:

C2E2, April 13-15, in Chicago, IL.

Wiscon 36, May 25-28th, in Madison, WI.

CONvergence 2012, July 5-8, in Bloomington, MN.

I hope to be at Worldcon, aka Chicon 7, August 31-September 4, and I have pre-registered for it. But I don’t have the time off from work yet. The others are assured!